Quartermaster Atturo Knife QTR-3XT HEX Edition

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QTR-3XT -- ONLY 4 PIECES EXIST --  In support of our 2015 off road racing program, Atturo commissioned a special run of the Quartermaster QTR-3XT knife using the hex pattern of our race truck graphic as the inspiration. The hex pattern on the blade and scale is artfully laid over a black to gray gradient extending over the knife blade. There were 6 examples originally created.  One is in the pocket of TORC World Champion, Travis Dinsmore.  The other is on the desk of Atturo's president.  We have 4 of these unique examples available to the public.  This is your chance to grab a unique knife with a good back story.  The chance of you running in to anyone else with this in their collection is tremendously rare.  

The QTR3 is a mid-sized tanto with a gunner’s style grip. The knife blade rotates shy of 180 degrees, allowing for a more pistol grip-like feel. A finger guard moonlights as a flipper device when the knife is closed and the use of the ORB® pivot system and tri-spoke pivot assembly make this knife nearly effortless to open. The large jimping on the blade spine act as a thumb rest and where the blade meets the frame, the jimps are continued and widened to increase confidence in your grip during heavy use. The rear of the handle is slightly elongated to allow the knife to extend slightly past your palm to help with stability. We’ve added ambidextrous thumb-studs which have been individually machined for extra traction. You’ll find two thumb studs on each side of this knife.

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